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  • ECDL Advanced


    Advanced modules certify skills that enable you to become a 'power user' and perform advanced actions in four of the most commonly used applications.  The ECDL Advanced Modules are:  

    Advanced Word Processing - use the advanced features of word processing applications to enhance your work, improve productivity and save time. Ideal for the workplace. 

    Advanced Spreadsheets - bring your spreadsheet skills to an expert level. Use the full potential of the spreadsheet application to produce higher quality management information. Perfect for any job roles that require advanced calculations. 

    Advanced Database – use the advanced tools available in database applications to better manage, organise and report structured information: invaluable skills in many job roles. 

    Advanced Presentation - a vital tool for anyone who wishes to create effective, high-impact presentations using advanced features of presentation software. 

    An ECDL ADVANCED certificate is issued for each ECDL Advanced module.

    After obtaining ECDL ADVANCED certificates for 3 ECDL Advanced module, ECDL ROMANIA issues the ECDL EXPERT certificate with no extra costs.

    You can sign-up for ECDL ADVANCED only by acquiring an ECDL General Unique Registration Series.
    Learn the steps to sign-up for ECDL program here.

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