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  • ECDL Core

    In order to register for ECDL Core Certification, a candidate should purchase a Skills Card. The Skills Card is valid for 3 years starting the date of the first exam (passed or not).
    As of September 1st, 2013, ECDL ROMANIA shall no longer issue electronic ECDL skills cards to the Test Centres. Some Test Centres might held unassigned ECDL skills cards.

    The ECDL Core Certificate indicates that the holder has passed a theoretical module that assesses basic concepts of Information Technology and six practical modules which evaluates the holder’s competence to use a personal computer and use common computer applications.

    The 7 ECDL Core modules are: 
    1 Concepts of Information Technology (IT)
    2 Using the Computer and Managing Files
    3 Word Processing
    4 Spreadsheets
    5 Using Databases
    6 Presentation
    7 Information and Communication

    The 7 ECDL Core exams must be taken and passed during a period of maximum 3 years from date of the first exam.
    Using the same ECDL skills card, after passing only 4 ECDL modules, a candidate can request the old type ECDL Start Certificate. The old type ECDL Start Certificate is obtained after passing 3 compulsory exams (Using the Computer and Managing Files, Word Processing and Information and Communication) and one optional exam (Concepts of Information Technology, Spreadsheets, Using Databases or Presentation).
    All candidates that are still on the certification process on 01.09.2013 will continue with certification exams according to the syllabi in force at that time and will obtain the ECDL Certificate according to the table below:

      Electronic ECDL skills card
     (within the Test Centre) 
      Syllabus version for the ECDL   
      tests  on September 1st, 2013/type
      of  testing/number of modules
      Old style ECDL Certificate
      ECDL Basic (Start/Complete)  5.0* / automated / 3 fixed modules** + 1 choice module / 7 fixed modules***    Start/Complete
    *Modules 1,2,7, v 5.0 may be taken until December 31st, 2014 only by candidates having ECDL Skills Card

    ** Using the Computer and Managing Files, Word Processing, Web Browsing and Communication

    ***Concepts of Information and Communication Technology, Using the Computer and Managing Files, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Using Databases, Presentation, Web Browsing and Communication

    According to OUG 97/2009 the Baccalaureate will contain a digital literacy examination. The No. 3 Addendum to O.M.E.C.I. no. 5219/ 09.09.2010 states that „ It is recognised and validated with the digital literacy exam – the D) test in Baccalaureate, the results obtained at ECDL exams and concluded with ECDL Start or ECDL Core certificate”. More details here.
    Download the ECDL Syllabus 5.0 from the document below.

    Learn the steps to sign-up for ECDL program here.

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