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  • ECDL for Employees

    Nowadays it is important that employees have the skills to use technology effectively and efficiently.
    Employers expect potential employees to have the digital skills necessary, while employees who have the right skills have the potential to progress further in their careers.

    Certification offers the following benefits:ECDLptToti.jpg
    · We make applicants more attractive to potential employers
    · Enable employees to be more productive
    · Develop the ability to advance in their careers

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    What employees want
    Employers are aware that employees that have computer skills are more productive.
    They are more efficient in performing tasks that would otherwise consume time. They use technology to communicate more efficiently and spend less time solving IT problems. Employers want skilled employees who will contribute to achieving business objectives in the most effective, productive and efficient manner.
    Prove your skills
    The ECDL Certificate proves to the current or potential employer that you own the actual skills required for the job and shows that you have a high quality internationally recognized standard. Through unique programs validated so that they are always relevant and meaningful, the ECDL programme sustained so far 14 million people around the world so that they can demonstrate their skills and gain competitive advantage in the labor market.
    Select the applications you prefer
    Because the ECDL programme is vendor independent, candidates can prepare and take tests using their favorite software. The variety of ECDL certifications enables candidates to access the suitable IT skills for employment, whether they are absolute beginners or already have basic skills but want to become proficient users or they are advanced users.


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