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  • ECDL for Public Sector

    ECDL programmes in public administration sector have also a significant progress in Romania. The importance of introducing the ECDL in Romania was noticed by governmental authorities.
    In Government Resolution 1007/2001 regarding the preparation of public office workers as users of informational technology, the following things are referred to:  “The instruction and improvement courses will follow the ECDL model, which has been adopted as standard by governments of many countries. The Ministry of Education and Research has to recommend this approach to all technical profiled high-schools; ECDL was recommended to all the EU member states, as standard certification for the basic qualification in using the computer. The courses will consist mostly of actual practice on the computer and will require proper structures throughout the country. Centers with computer laboratories for the ECDL instruction and certification will be founded in all residence towns, in many high-schools as well as in University departments. The first stage of the program will involve approximately 250,000 public servants.”

    Further details about HG 1007/2001 you can find here.

    HG 1007/2001 was completed with the Ministry of Public Administration Order no. 252/2003, approving the Methodological Norms regarding the IT training and specialization of civil servants, which stipulates that the ECDL standard will be used for the primary training.

    Since 2009, the National Agency of Civil Servants developed a project named " European Standards in the use of information technology in public administration - national certification program of civil servants ' code SMIS 2773 - 12,000 civil servants have obtained the ECDL Certificate. The project’s result were:
    - the information processing time decreased by 62 %
    - 74 % of executives in the public administration detected an improvement of the communication between the employees of the institutions participating in the project and citizens
    " I remember a quote from the beginning of the ECDL manual: " Do you know how to use a computer?”. At this point, I can firmly say that I know." - ECDL Graduate from the project.



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