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  • ECDL Programmes

    There are several main products within the ECDL product range, from ECDL EqualSkills at entry-level to specialized and professional programs for IT practitioners (ECDL Advanced).
    The entire range of the ECDL certifications are distinguished by the exceptionally high standards applied not just to product endorsement but also to the ongoing administration of the certifications.
    Internationally recognized in over 100 countries and attracting more than 15 million candidates to its range of certification programs, the ECDL Foundation has set the global benchmark in end-user computer skills certification programs.

    ECDL ROMANIA introduced New ECDL on september 1st 2013.
    The ECDL Foundation is exceptional in the lengths to which it goes to ensure the quality and relevance of its certifications. The unique range and depth of input that goes into creating the syllabi ensures that the certifications are always relevant, up-to-date and meaningful.
    ECDL Foundation products (or certifications) have been developed following recommendation from international computer societies who have recognized a niche in the computer skills spectrum.


    You can sign-up for ECDL only by acquiring an ECDL General Unique Registration Series from any ECDL Accredited Test Centre.
    In Romania, the exams can be taken in Romanian, English or  Hungarian. You must select the language when registering for the exam.
    Detailed information about ECDL 3D Printing can be reached at

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