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     ECDL standard in Romania
       ECDL ROMANIA is the only entity authorized by ECDL Foundation and ATIC to promote and develop the ECDL concept in Romania.
    The examinations of candidates are organized only in Test centers approved by ECDL ROMANIA, according to the ECDL Foundation standards. 
    ECDL ROMANIA developed a national network of approved test centers, which is currently in full development and that will cover all country districts. At this moment there are over 700 test centers. The centers list includes educational institutions (universities, high-schools, and even secondary schools, training centers within the structures of administration and centers for vocational training in all the cities of the country.
        Starting 10th April 2008 ECDL ROMANIA is ISO 9001:2001 certified, as proof for integration and assurance of Quality Management System.