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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I register to the ECDL program?
    You can register at any time in the ECDL program by completing the form 
    here and then contacting one of the ECDL accredited Test Centers near you. You can find the list with all ECDL accredited Test Centers in Romania on 

    If you need training, most of the Test Centers are providing also training programs.  

    A candidate who is registered in the ECDL certification process by purchasing a Unique Registration Series shall obtain all the certifications required during his/her life based on this Unique Registration Series issued one time. The validity of the Unique Registration Series is not time limited.

    When it is considered a passed exam?
    A candidate can take the ECDL tests only in an accredited Test Center.
    In Romania, the exams can be taken in Romanian, English 
    or Hungarian. You must select the language when registering for the exam. To pass a test, one has to obtain a minimum score of 75%

    What is the validity of the ECDL Certificate?
    The ECDL Certificate is the document obtained after passing the ECDL exams and marks the completion of the ECDL certification process for the chosen certificate. The obtained Certificate is valid for life for the syllabus/syllabi based on which the exams have been conducted.
    The certificates are issued only by ECDL ROMANIA and have an unique serial number. The ECDL Certificates are not issued by the Test Centres. The rightful holder of such an ECDL Certificate may check its authenticity with ECDL ROMANIA at the address: