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  • Partnerships

    Ministry of Education 
    In 2011, ECDL ROMANIA renewed its partnerships with the Ministry of Education by signing a new agreement. “Education for Information Society” agreement continues the strategy to implement the ECDL certification in the romaninan educational system, aiming some specific objectives such as the defining of a common strategy to facilitate to students and teachers in Romania access to the international standard in computer use, ECDL. Through this signed agreement, ECDL ROMANIA continues to accreditate for free the schools in Romania and grants 10.000 ECDL certificates for students.
    According to OUG 97/2009 the Baccalaureate will contain a digital literacy examination. The No. 3 Addendum to O.M.E.C.I. no. 5219/ 09.09.2010 states that „ It is recognised and validated with the digital literacy exam – the D) test in Baccalaureate, the results obtained at ECDL exams and concluded with ECDL Start or ECDL Core certificate”


    The students, teachers or youth up to 26 years, cardholders of the international ISIC, IYTC or ITIC, can obtain a 50% discount for the ECDL Certificate fee.

    ECDL ROMANIA Stands For Internet Safety as a Partner of Sigur.Info Project. Sigur.Info Project is part of the European project Safer Internet Plus that under the motto „A Safer Internet for Children” aims to lay stress and to prevent all the dangers that children are exposed to, when using Internet in inappropriate way.
    ECDL ROMANIA gathered all the partners of the Project in Romania including Ministry of Communication and Information Society, the Romanian Police and the Ministry of Education, in their efforts to bring attention on this very actual/ up-to-date subject and rewards every year the teenagers that sign up for the Safer Internet Day contest

    Sigur.Info Consortium developed, with support from ECDL ROMANIA also, the school guide for safe use of the Internet endorsed by the Ministry of Education for use in the classroom by teachers. 
    The Guide for Safe Use of the Internet can be downloaded online here.

    Federaţia Naţională a Asociaţiilor de Părinţi

    În anul 2017, ECDL ROMANIA şi Federaţia Naţională a Asociaţiilor de Părinţi Învăţământ Preuniversitar au semnat Acordul de Parteneriat "Educaţie InTegrată" în scopul creării de abilităţi care să motiveze parinţii sau copii, indiferent de nivelul şi forma de şcolarizare, să devină parte a "Societăţii informaţionale".


    ECDL ROMANIA şi ADSERVIO au încheiat parteneriatul Digitalizare şi competenţe digitale pentru şcolile din România prin care părţile urmăresc stabilirea unei colaborari in scopul promovarii digitalizarii si dezvoltarii compententelor digitale, care să motiveze cadrele didactice, elevii si parintii să devină parte a "Societăţii informaţionale".

    ECDL ROMANIA is a traditional partener for the National Informatics Olympics organized by the Ministry of Education which sponsored for the last three editions.
    There are National Informatics Contests that are constantly supported by ECDL ROMANIA such as DUAL PC, CIA, Little Gates, Info Oltenia. These annual national contests are part of the official agenda agreed by the Ministry of Education.
    ECDL ROMANIA, The Educational Inspectorate in Bucharest and The Bucharest City Hall have initiated the “5 High schools 5 Museums” project, which is an educational programme that aims to encourage teenagers to participate to cultural activities through starting a visiting museums “epidemy” at 5 museums in Bucharest which will end up with an online contest in 5 High Schools in Bucharest. In 2013 “5 High schools 5 Museums” will already reach the sixth edition.
    In 2011, ECDL ROMANIA together with the same partners launched „5 High schools 5 Theaters”, an educational programme that complements „5 high schools 5 Museums” and aims to bring teenagers to theater. In 2012 the second edition of this project was another success.


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