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  • How Do I Get ECDL

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    Find out everything you need to know about ECDL registration, testing and certification.

    For managing to obtain ECDL certificate, you will need to follow few simple steps.
    1.    Choose the ECDL Modules and Certificate you need.

    2.     Fill in the Online ECDL Registration Form.

    3.     Go to an ECDL Accredited Center that you select, validate the Online ECDL Registration Form in maximum 30 days since you completed it and get yourself an
     ECDL Unique Registration Series.

    4.     For preparing to take the ECDL tests, you can use the ECDL courseware (you place the order directly to the publisher) or you can request for the training offers provided by the ECDL Accredited Test Center that you registered at.
            * This step is optional.

    5.     Plan the order you wish to take the ECDL Modules exams and program your test sessions at the ECDL Test Center selected at registration. Keep in touch with the ECDL Test Center coordinator for all the ECDL testing period.

    6.     Permanently verify your ECDL Profile status by loging in on your ECDL Online Account.

    7.     After successfully graduating all the ECDL exams you planned, ask for your  ECDL Certificate at your ECDL Test Center coordinator.

    *        The period in which you get to obtain the ECDL Certificate depends on the selected type of ECDL certificate, on your level of competences and on your need to take or not classes for preparation before the exams.
    **       ECDL testing is online, with immediate results situation.
    ***     There is no age limit dor registering in the ECDL certification programme.
    ****    The ECDL Unique Registration Series has no limited valability and is unique for all types of ECDL Certificates.
    *****   The ECDL Certificate is valid for an unlimited period.
    ****** You can verify the authenticity of an ECDL Certificate by directly contacting ECDL ROMANIA at

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