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  • Tue, 01 Feb 2011CEPIS and IVI tasked by the European Commission to develop ICT Professionalism and enhance mobility

  • With the cost of IT project failures in business estimated at up to €4.5 trillion worldwide, and with research indicating that half of IT projects incur budget overruns of more than 80%, the European Commission has engaged with the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS) and the Innovation Value Institute (IVI), to advance the development of ICT Professionalism in Europe. Together, IVI and CEPIS will undertake a pioneering research project which will strengthen and further professionalise the vital role of ICT professionals and will see the development of a pan-European training scheme for ICT managers. CEPIS and IVI are inviting all interested parties to engage with the research project.


    During 2011, CEPIS and IVI researchers will conduct in-depth interviews with over 100 leading CIOs, ICT professionals and academics across Europe and develop:


    • A Europe-wide framework for ICT professionalism, with the goal of enhancing ICT practices and mobility for qualified professionals across Europe.


    • A European Training Programme for ICT Managers to promote new competences with a view to better addressing the challenges of ICT-driven innovation.


    André Richier from the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission said that the development of the ICT profession was one of the most important challenges facing modern business and administration:  “In Europe we see this as a key enabler of economic growth, innovation and competitiveness.  The development of a common framework for understanding, communicating and measuring the pivotal role played by ICT and ICT professionals is a significant priority of the European e-Skills agenda”.

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