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  • Tue, 23 Oct 2012Minister Affirms Crucial Role of ICT Skills for Workforce Development at International Digital Literacy Seminar - Oslo

  • The ECDL Foundation Forum, which this year was hosted in Oslo, Norway, is an annual event that brings together delegates from all continents with a variety of policymakers and government officials, to share knowledge and best practice around Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills development, and the promotion of global digital literacy.

    This year’s Forum focused on the importance of digital skills in education, both in lifelong learning for all ages, and in relation to preparing the students of today for the workplace of tomorrow. As more and more jobs become increasingly reliant on the use of ICT, digital skills can now be considered as an essential prerequisite for employability and for the productivity of economies globally. This sentiment was affirmed by Minister Kristin Halvorsen, the Norwegian Minister for Education and research, in her keynote address to delegates.

    According to the Minister,

    “ICT is a tool that influences all parts of society: ICT policy is a cross-sectoral subject. The ECDL programme is an important contribution for both employers and employees to be able to document their skills and to deliver education throughout the workplace.”

    The Minister also spoke of the need to deliver more accessible and efficient services to the public through e-Government, and of the important role that both digitally skilled citizens and public servants will play in the delivery of this aim.

    Delegates at the ECDL Foundation Forum were also addressed by the Mayor of Oslo, Mr. Fabian Stang, who spoke of the fundamental requirement of providing all citizens with access to education and the right to work.

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