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  • Thu, 22 Jul 2010Get your license to have fun! Saturday, July 31, Herastrau Park

  •      Charles de Gaulle entrance in Herastrau Park will became on Saturday, July 31, the Fun Day location. Starting at 4:00 p.m this is the place where all children are invited to join the ECDL contests together with their parents.
          Children must hunt for the ECDL Cat at the Charles de Gaulle entrance. Here they can register at one or more of these contests: wordhunt on bike, rollerblade race, remote control car racing, asphalt drawing or puzzle. A lot of prizes are in stake, but we are sure you will also have a lot of fun.
    Moreover, all participants have the chance to win a bike offerd by Cyclopedia at the final raffle.

          The City Hall is ECDL ROMANIA's partner for the 4th edition of "Get your license to have fun!" event, alongside with Cyclopedia and Centrul Medical Unirea, that will provide the medical assistance.
          This ECDL ROMANIA organized event aims to involve young people for the access to information technology and their inclusion in the information society.
          ECDL ROMANIA  will strictly supervise all activities during this event.
          Contest's regulation and Cyclopedia raffle rules are available on
         This event is organized under "Click on green!" campaign, launched in 2009 by ECDL ROMANIA. The campaign expected that students, currently used to stay all the time on the computer, to became more responsible and to get involved in environmental activities. This is an opportunity for each individual to express a personal attitude, responsible to the surrounding environment.

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