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  • Mon, 05 Mar 2007Official launch of a new ECDL approved Training and Testing Centre in Pantelimon

  • Monday, the 5th of March has seen the official launch of the ECDL approved training and testing center within the Foundation for Management and Services Economy in Romania, str. Biruintei no.92 (former Acumulatorul), in the town of Pantelimon.

    The event included a press conference during which the speakers emphasised the importance of training in using computers for both the social and professional lives of our citizens. Mr Silviu Prigoana – President of the Foundation for Management and Services Economy in Romania, Mr Dan Mancas – Director of Centre for Professional Training, Development and Reorientation, Mr Vlad Cazan – Sales and MK Coordinator for ECDL ROMANIA, as well as many representatives of the Romanian business circles have taken part in the event.

    The training and testing centre has been approved by ECDL ROMANIA and will operate within the Centre for Professional Training, Development and Reorientation established by the Foundation for Management and Services Economy in Romania. Furthermore, this autumn the Foundation will also bring to the public the Academy for Environment and Public Services, which aims to be one of the most modern in Europe, with a full curriculum of courses.

    The training and examinations within the ECDL approved centre will be conducted by ECDL approved examiners and are mainly offered to employees in public administration, in the education sector and private companies, or to individuals interested in acquiring the basic skills for PC usage. The launch of the Centre complies with EU recommendations, allowing Romania to align to standards in IT evolution and development, encouraging widespread use of computers.



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