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  • Wed, 07 Jul 2010We wait for you to enter and to participate to our "ECO Summer" short video making contest

  • " ECO Summer” contest is addressing directly to the children since they are more open in terms of attitude change towards the environment. The contest is aiming to develop children's ecological culture that is very low at the present time. Children must understand that any action influencing their relationship with the living and learning environment is important. „ECO Summer” competition is a national contest that allows both middle school and high school students to participate.

    Children are invited to enroll between June 1 to August 31 of 2010 as they can win special prizes by sending us the short videos they make as indicated above together with their contact details at .

    Please check out all „ECO Summer” updates and read more about the enrollment on

    The "Click on green!" campaign aims getting involved all children in environmental activities. The competition is giving each individual the opportunity to express a personal and responsible attitude towards the surrounding environment. At the same time this campaign is an opportunity to better understand the role of technology and of the computer as a source of information and communication in order to change mentalities for the better.

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