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  • Thu, 10 Jul 2014New Graduates now have certified digital skills through ECDL – Biblionet partnership

  • 100 people in rural areas in five counties were trained to use the computer for free by local librarians and obtained the EqualSkills certificate, internationally recognized. The program took place with the support of ECDL ROMANIA through the Biblionet project.
    Starting may, this year, 25 librarians in rural areas in Alba, Olt, Prahova, Salaj and Suceava counties in Romania developed the ECDL EqualSkills program for the community members. Before starting the candidates training, the 25 librarians in the rural libraries selected by Biblionet, successfully completed the Train of Trainers program through which they obtained knowledge in teaching and managing the ECDL EqualSkills certification program and becoming EqualSkills facilitators. Thus, the 25 librarians started to practice everything they had learned during the TOT organized by ECDL ROMANIA with support from IREX Foundation and the 5 County Libraries selected.
    This is how the ECDL EqualSkills certification program continued for a number of 100 people, members of rural communities in the above mentioned counties. ECDL ROMANIA joined Biblionetin 2013 by signing a partnership agreement with International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), the main responsible organization with the implementation of Biblionet project in Romania. Last year the partners developed a pilot program only for rural libraries in one countywith a total of 40 EqualSkills graduates and this year the extended the initiative in five counties.
    At the end, all the 100 candidates in this last part of the project succeeded in obtaining the ECDL EqualSkills certificate that prove their elementary digital skills at an international recognized standard.
    Given the little knowledge that I had in the computer field, it seemed very interesting for me to participate. The acquired knowledge will be useful in my work and in case of getting a job. – EqualSkills graduate from Rural Library Cornu, Prahova County
    I decided to enroll due to the desire to gain the ability to use the informatic tool, which I hope it will help me a lot in my work. I'll try to find information regarding my work more efficiently using the Internet; I'll try to write different documents and spreadsheets using the related applications, I will easily communicate with relatives and friends and many other things. - EqualSkills graduate from Rural Library Cilieni, Olt County
    By the ECDL Test Centre network nationally developed and the implemented projects, ECDL ROMANIA provides everyone the opportunity to obtain and certify at international standard and at a certain level their digital skills. Young people, students, teachers, civil servants, employees in private companies and seniors can demonstrate their IT skills through ECDL. 

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