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  • Tue, 10 Nov 2009Over 130 experts from around the globe commit to digital literacy as driver of economic recovery

  • Speaking at the ECDL Foundation Annual Global Forum, CEO Damien O’Sullivan stressed that “while government investment in broadband infrastructure and content lays the foundation for a knowledge society, it is crucial that we see strong political commitment to dedicate public funding to empowering people with the digital skills needed to reap the benefits of ICT.  Only with this commitment, can a knowledge society of growth, jobs and social inclusion be realised”.  With unemployment reaching highs around the world, investing in human capital is more important than ever before.  “Today, the rapid onset of broadband and ICT infrastructure compounds existing disparities which results in a second digital divide for those who lack the necessary skills to use new technologies.  Investment in digital literacy and ICT-related skills will equip societies with the resources to overcome Exclusion 2.0 and emerge stronger from the current economic crisis”, notes the ECDL Foundation CEO.


    The long-awaited ECDL Foundation global awards were announced during this two-day event to recognise initiatives and projects that are successful examples of best practice in raising levels of digital literacy through the ECDL / ICDL programmes.  UNESCO Cairo Office, the ICDL partner in the region, received an award for operational excellence for its dedication in continuing to provide ICDL certification in Gaza, Palestine in conjunction with the UN Relief and Works Agency during the conflict at the end of 2008.  UNESCO also received a global award in the category of outstanding social contribution for their work in empowering women with ICDL, in line with the Millennium Development Goals.


    While recent times have proven challenging for business, governments, and individuals alike, ECDL Foundation stands firmly committed to building a digitally-literate world to fast track economic recovery.  Experts from around the globe call upon governments to make the right policy and resource decisions to drive the digital recovery.

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