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  • Mon, 19 Jun 2017First teachers and students certified in ECDL 3D Printing at ECDL EduHub

  • The activities of the newest educational concept ECDL EduHub continued successfully. Many teachers and students in Bucharest were able to obtain the ECDL 3D Printing international certification by the end of this school year.

    In february 2017, ECDL ROMANIA launched a pilot educational space for learning and using new IT technologies - ECDL EduHub in Veranda Mall in Bucharest.

    ECDL EduHub is an educational concept which aims to grow with the development of new technologies and the need for diverse IT skills, a space dedicated primarily to young people who must keep up with digital technology. ECDL EduHub aims to establish an excellence centre for the use of computers, based on ECDL modules content and new technologies, such as additive manufacturing - 3D Printing, VR - virtual reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, etc., providing young people access to contemporary equipment. Simultaneously, ECDL EduHub becomes an open space for all trainers in education.
    The Hub had a preview release in a public conference (January 20th 2017) that took place at the mall, dedicated to all schools in the Veranda Mall's nearby community, at which participated the Mayor and the Deputy of the Sector 2 district in Bucharest, together with representatives of the School Inspectorate. The principals and the IT teachers in aprox. 50 schools took part at the event and ECDL ROMANIA started a promotional campaign in aprox. 80 schools in the district.

    Starting February 2017, at ECDL EduHub, children can participate free of charge at interactive IT courses and pupils can pretest for granted their digital competencies for Baccalaureat based on the ECDL diagnostics. Everybody can explore the new technologies by attending to 3D Printing demonstrations and having direct access to 3D printers.

    At the end of March 2017, ECDL EduHub opened its doors also for the educators. Here took place an ECDL 3D Printing Training of Trainers free program for a first group of ten teachers in Bucharest. Seven of them successfuly certified their 3D modelling and printing competencies at ECDL 3D Printing international standard – endorsed by ECDL Foundation.
    The train the trainers program was teached by two 3D modelling and printing specialists in a period of two weeks and, by the end of april 2017, most of the teachers registered succeeded in obtaining the ECDL 3D Printing certification.
    The plan is for them to further train children from their school, having the ECDL EduHub premises at their disposal.

    TOT_prof_EduHub_mar-apr2017_1.png TOT_prof_EduHub_mar-apr2017_2.png

    Short after the TOT ended, a group of highschool pupils started with no costs also. The ECDL 3D Printing course for students registered twelve participants and was teached by ECDL ROMANIA’s 3D modelling and printing experts.
    At the end of the ECDL 3D Printing group for students, seven of the participants have been ECDL certified on basic competencies in 3D modelling and printig. Everybody was excitig to get their ideas materialized into 3D printed objects.

    3DP_elevi_EduHub_iun2017.jpg 3DP_elevi_EduHub_iun2017_1.jpg

    ECDL 3D Printing Module – endorsed by ECDL Foundation – is developed by ECDL ROMANIA, as the first international module that certifies 3D modelling and printing competecies.  
    ECDL 3D Printing  is suitable for those who wish to acquire basic knowledge of 3D Printing processes and to certify their 3D printing skills to an international standard. It is also suited to those who may already work in this field and  wish to acquire or certify 3D printing skills.

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