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  • Tue, 04 Mar 2014The first International online workshop on ICT and digital skills in education

  • On February 20th ICDL Colombia, ICDL Latinoamérica and ECDL Foundation in a collaborative effort had their first International online workshop on ICT and digital skills in education.
    Participants of the global ECDL/ ICDL community were invited to discuss the impact and relevance of ICT and digital skills in schools, their experience with the certification programme and examples of good practice of working with ECDL/ICDL in their schools.
    Julián Rodríguez, from the Colegio Anglo Colombiano was the moderator of the session. The Workshop started with an introduction of  Jakub Christoph, the European Development Manager at ECDL Foundation. We learnt about the the ECDL / ICDL programme globally, the structure and its relevance in the educational process, and also the benefits of digital skills certification for educators and students.
    Representatives of different educational institutions offering ECDL / ICDL in different parts of the world shared their experience with programme, why the school have chosen it in the first place, what challenges they experimented and what were the positive outcomes of implementing ICDL as their digital skills development programme.
    Our participants were:
    ·         Mrs. Corina Ciobanu, from the TUDOR VIANU National High School of Computer Sciences in Bucharest, Romania and Ms. Irinuca Vaduva, from ECDL Rumania
    ·         Mrs. Shazia Abedi from the British Overseas School in Karachi, Pakistan
    ·         Ms. Janet Nyahasha, from Chisipite Senior School in Harare, Zimbabwe
    ·         Ms. Tina Dawes, from Hellenic Academy in Harare, Zimbabwe
    ·         Ms. Olga Bonilla and Mr. Hector Cordoba Ardina.  from the Colegio Montelibano in Montelibano, Colombia
    ·         Ms. Lucia Ramirez. Colegio Anglo Colombiano  in Bogotá, Colombia


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