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  • At the ECDL Foundation Forum 2011, held in Dublin, Ireland, the entry submitted by ECDL Romania was voted to be an outstanding example of best practice in the Social Inclusion category.

    ECDL Romania

    ECDL Foundation, the certifying authority for the world’s leading international computer skills certification programme, ECDL / ICDL, established the Best Practice Awards to acknowledge and credit initiatives and projects that are considered as exceptional examples of the implementation of ECDL Foundation programmes that help to raise levels of digital literacy, and promote ECDL / ICDL in local markets.

    The Social Inclusion category acknowledges and credits successful projects/initiatives which promote access to ICT skills for everybody, either by concentrating on a specific sector of society (for example the blind, or the elderly), or which concentrate on making the ECDL / ICDL certification more accessible to everyone through, for example, cost incentives, or the provision of special training or equipment.

    The ECDL Romania winning entry is a project that has been supporting disadvantaged groups so that they might have equal opportunities in the digital world. The aim of the ‘Training Without Boundaries’ project is the social integration of people with motor disabilities by giving them the opportunity to be part of an ICT training programme, and to obtain an internationally recognised computer skills certification. Following on from the success of the initial roll-out, ECDL Romania plans to expand its social inclusion remit to provide ICT training and certification to other disadvantaged groups.

    This year, the ECDL Foundation Best Practice Awards ceremony was attended by ICT professionals and digital literacy policy shapers, representing national computer societies and international organisations in 148 countries around the world.

    The runner-up in this category was ECDL Slovakia.

    There are three other categories for the ECDL Foundation Best Practice Awards, and this year’s winners in these categories are:

    The Slovakian runner-up

    Corporate/Private – ECDL France, Government/Public – testIT (Sri Lanka), and Marketing & Public Relations – AICA (Italy).

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