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    The Project ‘ICDL Smart Learning’ is the Winner in the Marketing & Public Relations Category At the ECDL Foundation Forum 2012, held in Oslo, Norway, the entry submitted by the National Operator for South Korea, ICDL Korea (KPC) was voted to be an outstanding example of best practice in the Marketing & Public Relations category...



      The Project ‘Knowledge Stations’ is the Winner in the Social Inclusion Category At the ECDL Foundation Forum 2012, held in Oslo, Norway, the entry submitted by ICDL Jordan wasvoted to be an outstanding example of best practice in the Social Inclusion category. ECDL Foundation, the certifying authority for the world’s leading international computer skills certification programme, ECDL / ICDL, established the Best Practice Awards to acknowledge and credit initiatives and projects that are considered as exceptional examples of the implementation of ECDL Foundation programmes that help to raise levels of digital literacy, and promote ECDL / ICDL in local markets...


  • Fri, 28 Sep 2012e-Citizen Programme is Awarded for Developing the Digital Skills of 110,000 National Police Officers in Colombia

     Digital skills are essential for government institutions as they seek to improve efficiency and offer better quality services to citizens.The e-Citizen programme for the National Police in Colombia, which has developed the essential ICT skills of more than 110,000 police officers, has recently been awarded the prestigious pan-Latin America FRIDA prize for its contribution to the development of the information society in Colombia...


  • Thu, 21 Jun 2012Inspirational Visually-Impaired Czech National Nominated for European Commission Awards for Empowering Others Through ECDL Certification

          The remarkable story of visually impaired Czech ECDL Tester, Marek Sikora, has been recognised at EU level, as he has been selected as a finalist for the ‘I Am Part of IT Award’ in the European ‘e-Inclusion Awards’. This award recognises individuals who have significantly benefitted from becoming e-included...


  • Fri, 11 May 2012ECDL Foundation Highlights the Importance of Digital Skills for Jobs at the Festival of Europe Celebrations

    Tens of thousands of visitors are expected to attend ‘European Institutions Open Day’, taking place in several official buildings across Brussels tomorrow.  ECDL Foundation will join with the European Commission DG Information Society and Media to stress the role of digital skills in achieving the social and economic inclusion that is needed to kick start a more competitive Europe...


  • Wed, 09 May 2012Fostering Older People’s Digital Inclusion is Key to Active Ageing

     As key stakeholders in the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations (EY2012) Coalition, ECDL Foundation and AGE Platform Europe will collaborate to connect the capacity of both organisations’ extensive networks in support of the Year’s aims around ICT skills development. The development of older Europeans’ ICT skills is considered crucial to their active ageing and continued participation in society, and to their ongoing contribution to the labour market...


  • Thu, 15 Mar 2012Workers’ Lack of ICT Skills Can Contribute to a Productivity Loss of up to €19.3 Billion per Annum

    Computers are essential in today’s workplace, and the effective use of technology is vital for economic growth, productivity and innovation, yet recent research published by the University of Twente in the Netherlands shows the impact that a lack of ICT skills can have on a national economy. The findings of this study, ‘Ctrl Alt Delete: Lost productivity Caused by IT Problems and Inadequate Digital Skills at Work’[1], highlight that, on average, workers in the Netherlands spend almost 8% of their day trying to resolve issues relating to the use of technology in the workplace – with this figure rising to 10% for lower-skilled workers[2]...


  • Thu, 22 Dec 2011Twelve EU Member States Call for a Common Definition and Indicators around Digital Literacy and e-Skills

    Under the patronage of European Commission Vice-President, Neelie Kroes, ECDL Foundation brought together key actors from the European Commission (EC), the European Parliament, 12 national governments, and other stakeholders to discuss the progress of, and priorities in, delivering the ‘Digital Literacy, Skills and e-Inclusion’ action areas of the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE)...


  • Wed, 16 Nov 2011ECDL Foundation Welcomes European e-Skills Week 2012 and Pledges Support as e-Skills Ambassador

    European e-Skills Week is a major awareness-raising campaign of the European Commission with the aim of highlighting the growing demand for skilled Information and Communication Technology (ICT) users and professionals to drive a competitive and innovative Europe. The initiative will provide a unique pan-European platform to promote and share experiences and best practices in e-Skills, foster cooperation, and efficiently mobilise stakeholders...


  • Fri, 21 Oct 2011European Commission Vice-President Kroes Delivers Keynote Address on the Importance of Digital Skills for Competitiveness and Inclusion

    European Commission (EC) Vice-President and Commissioner for the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) addressed delegates at the ECDL Foundation Forum on the key role that digital skills have to play in driving economic growth, and in reducing the risk of digital exclusion that faces those without the skills to access technology...


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